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Morex Happy Birthday Card

Materials Needed

Morex Bobbin Ribbon – 1 spool of musical notes, 1 spool of dots

Card stock in 2 colors – 8 ½”x11”
Stickers – Happy Birthday assortment and Musical note assortment
Craft knife
Tape or glue

Fold one piece of card stock in half off center, leaving ½” edge on back of card.

2. Cut or tear 4”x5” piece from other color card stock and glue to card front.
3. With pencil, mark lines on left side or rectangle spaced about ½” apart and lines on card front spaced on diagonal from first set of lines.
4. Open card and with craft knife, make slits through penciled lines.
5. Weave dot ribbon in and out of slits on diagonal, gluing at beginning and end of ribbon.
 6. Glue music note ribbon to card.
7. Make small square from card stock and stick on Happy Birthday.
8. Stick on musical instruments to front of card.
9. Trim additional sheet of card stock to fit inside card. Glue inside and add sentiments from Happy Birthday assortment.
10. Glue ribbon along extended edge on card stock.
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