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Express Shape Accents
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Circle Templates

Fiskars® Largte Frame Templates
Fiskars® Shape Express
Fiskars® Self Healing Mat
Fiskars® Personal Paper Trimmer – 12”
Fiskars® 1/8th Hole punch
Assorted Cardstock

Refer to photos for ideas.


To create the tag envelope, cut a rectangle 8” x 6 ½”. Score fold lines 1 ½” from left side and 1 ¾” from opposite side. Fold toward the center. Cut a half circle from upper edge at the center of the 3” wide section.


Score a fold line about 2” from the bottom edge. From outside edges cut along fold up to the point where the fold lines intersect. Cut a partial circle from the top of the center piece to curve. Fold sides inward then glue together where they overlap. Fold the bottom piece up then glue in place.


Cut a rectangle a little less than 3” wide and about 3” longer than the tag envelope. Curve the top of the rectangle with the circle template to create the tag.


Punch a hole in the top of the tag at the center. Reinforce if desired then thread fibers through the hole.

  Heart templates were used to curve the edges for the blue card and the string fasteners were created using the smallest circle shape. Glue two circles together then either punch a hole at the center and insert a brad or an eyelet.
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