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Epson Computer Tip: PhotoShop Elements Quick Scrapbook Technique - Using the type mask tool for our titles

The Type Mask Tool in PSE (PhotoShop Elements) 3 makes it look like you’ve cut letters out of patterned paper or a photo.

1. In Editor, open the file with your patterned paper. Also open the layout where you want to move the cut out letters when you’re finished.

2. Select the Horizontal Type Mask Tool by right-clicking on the Type Tool icon in the Tool Box.

3. Next, select a font and size from the drop down menu.

4. Click on the patterned paper and start typing.

5. To reposition the letters, move your mouse until you see crosshairs. At this point, you can click and drag your title to a different spot on your pattern. Once you release your mouse button, your title will be selected. If you don’t need to reposition the letters, just click somewhere on the patterned paper.

6. Now, hit Ctrl + C to copy the title. Click on the layout window, and type Ctrl + V to paste onto your layout. Simply click on the title layer and drag to position it.

Isn’t this easier than cutting out letters with scissors?

Equipment used:
Epson R1800 Printer

Sponsor: Espon America

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