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Epson Computer Tip: PhotoShop Elements Quick Scrapbook Technique – Adding Texture to your Digital Background Paper

PSE (PhotoShop Elements) offers ways to give background papers depth and dimension through simulating texture.

1. You can easily add the look of texture to digital papers with the Texturizer Filter.
2. Select the layer with your background paper.
3. On the Styles and Effects Palette, choose Filters from the dropdown menu. Scroll down and choose Texturizer. When you double-click on Texturizer, the Texturizer Window will appear.
4. There are 6 textures within the Texturizer Tool. Play with each one to see how they change the look of your paper.
5. Once you find one you like, tweak the 2 gauges that are called Scaling and Relief. They change the degree of the texture.
6. The Light can be modified too to get different effects.

Other ways to change the look include the pulldown Filters menu.

Equipment used:
Epson R1800 Printer

Sponsor: Espon America

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