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Epson Computer Tip: PhotoShop Elements Quick Scrapbook Technique - Using the Cookie Cutter Tool in your Digital Layouts

The Cookie Cutter tool in PSE (PhotoShop Elements) is the digital equivalent of using punches and die-cuts.

1. It’s easy to use! Just click on the heart-shaped icon in the toolbox and choose the shape you want. Browse your options by clicking on the down arrow here by category, or under “All Elements Shapes,” get a thumbnail of all your options.

2. Choose a shape, hold down your mouse and drag the shape until it covers the area you want. When you release the mouse and hit Enter, your shape will be cut out of the paper.

3. If you want to save the shape, give it a new name and choose File | Save As. Once saved, you can place it in any layout.

4. In this layout, we cut a digital flower out of this paper and used it as a matching embellishment.

5. You can layer photo mats behind your photos, by choosing the “Rounded Square” option.

6. Lastly, try the Cookie Cutter tool to add interesting frames to your pictures. Select Crop Shapes and drag the frame over the photo. Once you’ve positioned it, click - it cuts your photo into that shape.

Equipment/materials used:
R1800 Printer

Sponsor: Epson America

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