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Eyelet Power 12” x 12” Scrapbook Page
Designed by Kathleen Hampton

Materials Needed


Vellum Adhesive Paper

Square punch

2 sheets contrasting paper

Tools: Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, double-sided tape, eyelet setting tools

Take sheet for page flaps and cut on the diagonal. Trim tips off long sides so that the two flaps fit on the page while leaving a1 tab so the two flaps can be attached to page.

2. Use pencil and mark off a grid on the two flaps for where the eyelets will go. Add eyelets and attach both sides to back of contrasting paper.
3. Double mount photo and attach to the inside.
4. Cut two strips of adhesive vellum. Add to each flap, leaving a small tab on the top flap by folding vellum adhesive back on itself.
5. Make a small embellishment and center this on top of the vellum adhesive and attached with double-sided tape.
Sponsor: Generations™

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