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Tin Album

Materials Needed

20-7012 circle tin tote

42-4432 Rob and Bob Studio Pink and Berry Stripe Paper
42-4433 Rob and Bob Studio Purse-onality Paper
42-1990 Rob and Bob Studio Cardstock Sticker mini Monograms
38-0942 Sizzix Crescent Tag Combo Die
Sizzix Machine
17-1112 Carnival Bradletz Assortment
19-1035 Silent Setter
42-0201 Rat-a-tat Halfabitty Alphabet Stickers
Black Ink
4404098 Coluzzle Large Circle Template
Coluzzle Cutting Mat & Knife
Assorted Ribbons
1. Open the tin and trace the circular opening onto a piece of scrap paper. Cut traced image to a slightly smaller size and ensure that the shape fits easily inside of your tin. Use this pattern piece for cutting the pages that will be inserted inside of your tin album.
  ** Alternatively, use the sixth channel from the outside of the Coluzzle large circle template to cut perfect fitting circles.
2. Fold a piece of black 8 ½” x 11” cardstock in half and place the pattern that you have made so that the flat edge sits on the fold. If you are using the Coluzzle template, place the template so that appx. 3/8” of the 6th channel sits off the folded edge of paper.
3. Cut 4 sets of circles on the fold.
4. Set all of the pages in an even stack and use the Silent Setter to punch two holes on the rounded edge of each set.
5. Use small scraps of ribbon to tie together each set of pages.

Cut one piece of each patterned paper in half. Fold each piece in half again vertically and cut 4 sets of half circles to adhere to the base pages. Use your template or pattern again, placing the flat edge of the template on the fold.


Ink the edges of the cut patterned papers and adhere to the base pages.


Using the Sizzix machine and medium tag on the Tag die, cut 5 ‘on the fold’ tags. To do so, fold a tag width strip of paper in half, creasing the fold line with a bone folder. Place the folded edge of the paper towards the flat end of the tag shape. Cover all of the tag shape except for the cut line on the flat end.


Ink the edges of the double ended tags.


Ink the edges of the Mini Monogram letters to make titles for each of your pages. We wrote ‘laugh’, ‘play’, ‘eat’, and ‘shop’ for our girl friends album.


Attach Red Flower Bradletz through the holes on each end of the tag titles and then adhere in place on your pages.


Attach your pages inside of the album by using a glue gun. Tie a long length of ribbon in the holes on the first page and adhere it to the bottom of the tin. Ensure that your ribbon allows enough room to easily open the accordion pages of your album. Try using a blank monogram to hide the section of ribbon that you glue to the tin.

Outer Tin


Using the same method as step 6 above, cut a half sheet of patterned paper and adhere it to the bottom front of the tin. A Xyron provides a nice even coat of adhesive!


Create a title for your tin using the same method as steps 8-11 above. Adhere the title above the patterned paper on your tin.


Cut two, 2” x 10” strips of patterned paper. These strips will wrap around the sides of your tin, joining in the top and bottom center of the tin. Ink the edges of both strips.


Create a pattern for the top of the tin, so that the paper will wrap easily around the handle. Use a 2” strip of printer paper. Cut a slot into the paper and then place it on the handle. Use a craft knife to trim away any excess.


Using the pattern you have made, cut the handle slots into the two strips of patterned paper. Run the strips through a Xyron and then carefully adhere them to the sides of the tin. If desired, cut a tiny strip of paper to cover the joint between the handles of the tin. A monogram or blank monogram shape looks nice centered on this spot too!


Using Halfabitties, complete your title or add a subtitle to your tin!

Sponsor: Provo Craft

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