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Fishing Tackle Photo Display
By Paula Wessells

Materials Needed

Mini-albums don’t even need an album – any time you pair photos with memories, you are scrapbooking. There are so many fun and easy ways to preserve and display your photos and memories, that will help you:

1. Store and Enjoy lots of photos
2. Organize and record information
3. Makes a great gifts and display items, especially for a man in your life!

Find a small tackle box that opens on the top to reveal a large compartment, and opens on the bottom to reveal several small compartments (Paula found hers at Wal-Mart.)


Create the accordion album:
a. Trim one rectangle of cardstock to fit and adhere it inside the bottom of the large compartment.
b. Cut several long strips of cardstock just wide enough to fit inside the large compartment. (The number of strips will depend on how many photos you have. Paula cut six strips to display 19 photos.)
c. Fold each strip, accordion-fashion to fit inside the compartment, then adhere strips together (overlapping the end panels) to make one long accordion. Paula’s panels were 31/2 x 51/2 inches. Your last panel will probably be smaller than the other panels.
d. Adhere photos to each accordion panel, leaving the smaller bottom panel blank.
e. Adhere the smaller bottom panel to the cardstock inside the bottom on the large compartment.


Decorate the small compartments by trimming small photos to inside a few of the compartments. Fill other small compartments with pattern paper, stickers, tags, fishing flies etc. Use foam tape to raise some of the compartment décor up creating visual interest.


Decorate top and bottom lids.
a. Use cardstock, pattern paper, photos and accents to decorate the top and bottom lids of your tackle box, both inside and out. Inside the lids is a good space to type up details of the trip!

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