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BOOKS I LOVE journal
By Beth Madland

Materials Needed

Composition book (found in the school supply section of a drug store)

Fiskars Tools: Wave Crimper, micro tip scissors
Vellum Tags: Making Memories
Flowers: Making Memories
Ribbon: SEI
Rub-on Creams: Craft-T Productions
Polymer Clay: white Sculpey
Rub-on alphabet white: Making Memories
Letter Stamps: source unknown
Adhesive: Xyron, glue stick, glue dots, herma fix
Dimensional glaze: Plaid

Open the composition book and trace around the front cover onto the back of a decorative sheet of paper. Repeat this step with the back cover. Cut out the covers. Note: The cut-out covers do not have to cover the binding of this book.

2. Apply a liberal amount of adhesive (using squares,a xyron machine or gluestick) to the back of the cut-out paper and adhere them to the front and back of the composition book.
3. Cut a contrasting sheet of 12x12 decorative paper in half. Run both of these sheets through the Fiskars wave crimper. Remember, when using the crimper your paper length will shrink a little bit. One of these 6x12 papers will be the binding; the other one will be used for the letter “I” in the title “Books I Love.”
4. Trim the crimped sheet of paper to the length of the binding of the book and adhere it to the book overlapping the front and back covers.
5. Print out an enlarged letter “I” on your computer. Staple that to the front of the second crimped 6x12 paper so that the paper stays in place. Trim out the letter “I” using Fiskars micro tip scissors.
6. Now for the polymer clay letters. Take some clay, massage it with your fingers and form it into a small ball larger than the size of a pea. Flatten that ball with your thumb on a piece of parchment paper. Next, take a letter stamp and imprint the letter “L” onto the flattened clay. Repeat this for each letter of the word LOVE. Bake the pieces following the instructions on your package.
7. Once the clay pieces have cooled you can add color to the baked clay using Craft-T rub-on creams. I used my finger when applying these creams but you can also use a make-up sponge. I sealed my clay letter tiles with dimensional glaze.
8. Adhere the cut-out/crimped letter “I” to the middle of the page. I added the word “Book” to the top of the cover using white rub-on letters. You can use glue dots to attach the clay letter tiles to the bottom.
9. Use a dark Craft-T rub-on cream around the edges of the book for an altered look.
10. The ribbon tags are used as dividers for this book. Since my journal happens to be about “Books I Love” I put different book styles on my tags. For example, fiction, non-fiction, parenting and biographies. Cut 12-15 inch strips of ribbon and tie a knot at the top. Pull the other end of the ribbon through the hole in the tag until the knot. You could also knot the bottom of the ribbons after adding beads or charms to the ribbon.
11. Add embellishments to front cover of the journal. I added flower petals to my album cover that I altered using Craft-T rub-on creams.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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