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Epson Computer Tip: Military Theme Pages

Everyone knows someone in the Armed Forces who would appreciate a page that pays tribute to their military involvement. Whether it’s the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines, there are many opportunities to create layouts to make them all proud.

Here’s a quick way to make pages with the help of the “epsoncreativezone.” Website. There are ready to print templates and patterned pages for different branches of the military. Just add your own photos and text.

Here’s how easy it is. The free templates are in both Microsoft Word, if that’s what you know how to use, and as JPEG image files, if you prefer to use PhotoShop or Elements.

Here’s what you see when you open the file: a background waiting for you to personalize. Type in your journaling and insert your own photos by typing text or placing your own photos in the text boxes. Customize the page to your liking and in minutes you could have a spectacular page.

The first page shows my friend Carol’s son, Josh, who has spent most of the time of his Navy time in a submarine. Look at these pages. Starting with the flag variation template, we inserted the photos, added the captions and journaling, and to finish it off, added these military pins and embellishments.

This layout highlights the photos of my coworker, Charles, who has spent over a year in Iraq. Adding similar red, white and blue stars and a  mini-flag to the Army camouflage theme background, here’s the final 2- page spread.

Check out the patterned pages that you can start with. These are for Army and Navy, and one of them will work just right for the person and photos you have in mind. There are even albums that you can buy with the insignia embossed into the front of the covers for the branch of the military that you’re interested in – and lots of embellishments to fit this theme.

With the R1800, you can print borderless 12” x 12” pages. With a smaller printer like the R300, you can print 8 ½” x 11” or set your page size to the currently popular 8” x 8”. Using one of these printers and this archival scrapbook paper your layout will last up to 200 years!

You could create pages that are 100% digital, with digital and scanned embellishments, or layer on a few traditional embellishments as we did here. What if you borrowed a dog tag or part of the uniform to scan and add to the page? That would truly be a meaningful page for that person.

Our troops do so much to make us proud – return the favor and give a few pages like this as gifts to your favorite military families!

Materials/Equipment used
R1800 printer
R300 printer
Patterned paper

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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