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Assembly Line Scrapbooking
Friends and Family Photo-album Scrapbook
Project by Stacy Julian

It isn’t necessary to spend hours and hours creating scrapbooks. When you follow these easy steps you can assemble a beautiful album chock full of memories that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Keep in mind that this album is about people – the purpose is to feature the personalities of people you love, and not worry about dates, event details or places. This project is perfect for your everyday snapshots – and those odds and ends that you never know quite how to use.

1. Purchase a photo-album scrapbook with 4x6 photo sleeves.
2. Select two to three colors of cardstock and several coordinating pattern papers.
3. Gather together small coordinating embellishments. Things like small jewelry tags, photo corners, colorful mini-brads and ribbon.
4. Sort photos into general categories and not in “date-order.” If you are scrapbooking your family make a pile of snapshots for each person in your family. Trim these photos so that you focus in on the person or people in the photo. Don’t worry too much about where they were in the photo or when it was taken.

Mount trimmed photos onto 4x6 pages and add strips of pattern paper and other embellishments. Work quickly, without thinking to hard about composition.

6. Slip finished 4x6 pages into photo sleeves and create a title or dedication page for the first page of your album.
7. Consider creating section pages if you are scrapbooking a large number of people. You can group 4x6 pages into sections like grandparents, aunts & uncles,  and cousins.
Key Points to Remember!
1. Choose a color scheme and stick with it.
2. Limit product and technique to speed up your decision making.
3. Relax your style – this album isn’t about creating art!
4. Assemble – work quickly, use a timer if necessary.
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