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How to Add Metal Leafing
to Your Scrapbook Pages

By Leslie Ayers

Materials Needed


Adhesive machine or spray adhesive


Metal leafing

Soft brush

Clear spray-on sealant

Run the piece of chipboard you want to cover with leafing face down through an adhesive machine, or coat it with permanent acid-free spray adhesive.


Using tweezers, apply the metal leaf to the adhesive, completely covering the surface of the chipboard. If you’re covering a large surface, you can also set the sticky side of your chipboard directly onto a full sheet of leafing. Don’t worry if bits of leafing hang off the edges, or if the leafing wrinkles. Gently press down on the metal leafing with your fingers, then rub it gently to remove the pieces that did not stick.


Brush away the excess bits of leaf with a soft brush. (Old makeup brushes are perfect for this! Soft, dry paint brushes work as well.)

4. Seal with a light coat of clear spray-on sealant.
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