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Scrapbook Page - Rubber Stamping
By Mary Ayres

Materials Needed

12” x 12” pastel check paper

12” x 12” Cardstock - white & pastel shades of pink, green, purple & blue
Fiskars® Punch & Emboss - corner edgers 4 in 1
Fiskars® Paper Edgers - stamp & long seagull
Fiskars® Shape Boss™
Fiskars® Mini Shape Boss™
Fiskars® Embossing Stencil Sets - lettering whimsical, italic alphabet, alpha block, basic shapes
Fiskars® Embossing Tool
Fiskars® 1/4” circle hand punch
Fiskars® flower punch
Other embellishments - plaid & dot pink ribbon, pink inkpad, rhinestones, small piece of dry sponge, paper glue, paper scissors, 4” x 6” photo, ruler

TIP: If printed plaid paper is lightweight, glue it to white cardstock to make it more sturdy.


Cut a 6” x 12” rectangle from blue cardstock.  Antique right edge of rectangle with pink ink, using a small piece of dry sponge.  Glue white cardstock to back of blue rectangle (top, bottom and left side edges should be even).  Cut right side edge of white cardstock with long seagull edgers.  Punch 1/4” holes in right edge of blue rectangle 2” apart.  Glue left side of blue rectangle to left side of page 1/4” from edge (dab glue only on the left side of the blue rectangle so the right side can be lifted up to attach ribbon tags).


Cut a 5 1/4” x 7 1/4” rectangle from green cardstock and antique edges with pink ink.  Glue photo to pink cardstock.  Cut pink cardstock around photo with stamp edgers.  Glue photo to center of green rectangle.  Punch four flowers from white cardstock, leaving about 2 1/2” of space between them.  Cut 1” squares around flowers.  Glue punched flower squares to pink cardstock.  Cut pink cardstock around punched squares with stamp edgers.  Glue punched squares to corners of green rectangle. 


Emboss large heart on purple cardstock.  Trim around edge of heart with stamp edgers.  Antique edge of heart with pink ink.  Glue heart to white cardstock.  Cut white cardstock around heart with long seagull edgers.  Punch a 1/4” hole in top left side of heart.  Punch a 1/4” hole in center bottom of green rectangle.  Insert an 11” piece of ribbon through holes in heart and green rectangle and knot ends together.  Glue green rectangle and heart to blue rectangle on page (do not cover any holes on blue rectangle).  Glue rhinestones to center of punched flowers.

4. Make five tags and attach with ribbons to holes in blue rectangle - two purple, two green and one blue.  To make a tag, emboss a word on white cardstock.  Cut a rectangle around word.  Antique word and edge of rectangle with pink ink.  Glue word rectangle to pink cardstock.  Cut pink cardstock around edge of word rectangle with stamp edgers.  Glue rectangle to a pastel cardstock color.  Cut a larger rectangle from pastel cardstock around word.  Trim left corners of pastel rectangle diagonally to make tag shape.  Punch and emboss right corners.  Antique edges of pastel rectangle and embossed details in corners with pink ink.  Punch a 1/4” hole in center of left side of tag.  Insert ribbon pieces through holes in tags and blue rectangle and knot ends together, alternating colors.  Glue tags angled and overlapping on page.
Sponsor: Fiskars®

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