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Create a ZoomAlbum
By Ellen Marden

Creating albums of people, activities and events is a highly personalized way to capture and share memories.

Here’s how the process works:

The ZoomAlbum Creator software makes it easy to select, drag and drop photos. Use the crop, zoom, rotate and captioning tools to customize any album.

After organizing and printing the photos, follow the folding instructions on the back of the photo sheet to fold the printed photo sheet paper. In a few seconds the flat sheet becomes a compact little booklet . You now have a 12 photo album, properly arranged in a secure and permanent progression of pages.

Then, to create the photo cover, use the template in the software to place a picture for the cover. The photo paper for the cover, which is included in the package, prints on an inkjet printer.

After printing the picture, adhere the cover to the cardboard.

Insert the completed ZoomAlbum into the hardcover by peeling off the backing of the photo paper and pressing the folded pages into the spine of the cover.


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