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Creating Foam Stamps Using Die Cut Machines
By Melissa Inman

Some of the most fun in scrapbooking can be had in starting and completing a small project in one day! This “topless” album is just such a project and the extra good news is, it’s also what I call a “two-fer.” From one 6x6 post-bound album, you get two mini-albums. Here’s how you do it:

Materials Needed


Die-Cut Machine

Foam to create the stamp
Cardstock to stamp on
Paint Tray to pour paint on when dipping it
1. Trim foam (because it comes in really large sheets that won’t fit the
die cut machines).
2. Place foam in die-cut machine and select the die you want to use.
3. Roll the foam through the machine.
4. Dip the foam into paint then use it to create designs on your pages.
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