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Epson Computer Tip: Moving a face from one photo to another
By Barbara Kotsos

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This is the perfect technique to foil the goofball in your family - the one that manages to ruin a perfectly lovely family photograph by crossing his eyes or sticking out his tongue. The same technique can be used to “open” closed eyes. Ideally, you have several pictures that are all fairly similar (taken during the same photo shoot) to work with. Open up the picture that has the “good” head. Use the Lasso tool (L on your keyboard) to draw a selection around the face – it doesn’t have to be a perfect selection, but try to stay within the skin. (You could use the Selection Brush to make your selection as well.) Go to Select | Feather, and enter a Feather Radius of 1-2 pixels.

Copy the selection by pressing Ctrl+C. Now open the picture that you want to move the good head onto. Press Ctrl+V to paste, and then switch to the Move tool (M on your keyboard). Click and drag the good face over the bad one. You may need to resize a bit – to do so, hold down the shift key, click on a corner handle, and drag to make it larger or smaller. You can also tilt the new face by moving your mouse just outside the edge of the new face until your pointer turns into a curved arrow. If you need to change the color of the new face to match the rest of the picture, press Ctrl+U (or go to Enhance | Adjust Color | Adjust Hue and Saturation) and move the sliders until you get a match. You might also want to use a soft, round eraser to go around the edges of the new face to help soften the edges.

Now you have a picture that shows the best of everyone!

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