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Resist This!
By Julie McGuffee

Who can resist this fun technique for scrapbooking and papercrafting projects!

Materials Needed

Masque Pen

Ink Jet Transparency sheet
Fiskars® Euro Trimmer
Fiskars® 1/16th Hole Hand Punch
8” x 8” Cardstock – Burgundy and Lt. Tangerine
White Acrylic Paint
3 Large Brands
4 Small brads
1. Mat photograph. Cut additional 3” x 1 ½” and 8” x 1 ½” strips from same color of cardstock.
2. Freehand your own border design onto a piece of scrap paper or create a design using rubber stamps, or templates. You can also use a border design from a book or any other source. Lay the ink jet transparency on top of the design then trace over with the masque pen. Let dry.
3. Dip sponge into paint then lightly sponge over the “resist”. The finished border will be 2 ½” wide so sponge generously on either side of the design. Let dry.
4. Gently peel the resist from the ink jet transparency then trim to 8” x 2 ½”.
5. Adhere matted photo to page then add other elements as shown.
6. Affix transparency to page with brads at the top and bottom corners.
Sponsor: Masquepen

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