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Teacher's Gift with the Voices of the Students
by Julie Arsenault
Presented by Sherry Cook

Tip: For this project, we chose to keep the design of each page simple and clean. This design allows the photo and voice of each child to highlight the pages.

Materials Needed

(Click to here to listen to a sample)

Sound Stripes kit

Wooden File Folder Kit
Manila cardstock
Paper, including notebook styled paper
Photos of each student
1. Cover outside of Wooden File Folder with patterned paper. Ad Rub-ons and ribbon.
2. Using the file insert in the kit as a guide, cut pages for the album out of manila cardstock, rounding corners. One side of a page will be needed for each student in the class.
3. Cut out notebook paper just slightly smaller than the page and adhere. Ink the edges of the notebook paper.
4. Cut out mats for the photos, rounding the corners.
5. Embellish with ribbon and buttons.
6. Use binder rings to holds the album together.
Use the Sound Stripes kit to collect a voice message from each of the students. Each student will have the opportunity to thank the teacher and say, in their own words, what they liked best about that year in school.
1. Align the label with the recess in the bottom of the recorder. With the label aligned, push the red record button momentarily.
2. Remove the label and the push and hold the record button with the Sound Stripes recorder about 6" from the students mouth.
3. When the red light turns on, the student can begin speaking. Hold the record button down until they are finished.
4. Push the green play button to review their message.
5. If the message is ready to keep, peel off the archive tab off the label (the last black rectangle on the label). If the student wishes to make a different recording, repeat steps 1-4 before removing the archive tab.
6. Adhere the label below the students' picture by peeling back the numbered tab at the top of the label and removing the backing sheet.
1. Decorate the Sound Stripes box to match the album by removing the insert that came with the kit and using it as a template to make a new insert. Use the same papers and embellishments that are in the album.
2. Decorate the lunchbox tin to match the album and Sound Stripes box. The tin makes a great storage case for the project!
Sponsor: Sound Stripes

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