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Mini Journal
By Julie McGuffee

Mini journals are an easy way to keep a daily/monthly record of special events in your life and it’s easy to create your own.

Materials Needed


Fiskars® Frame Templates – Rectangles

Fiskars® Ultimate ShapeXpress
Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat
Fiskars® Euro Trimmer
Fiskars® 1/16” Hole Hand Punch
Fiskars® Eyelet Setter ¼”
Fiskars® Embossing Stylus
12” x 12” Med. Blue Cardstock - DCWV
Cardstock Scraps (Brown, Yellow, Robins Egg Blue – DCWV
8 ½” x 11” White cardstock
5 Silver Mini Brads
15” Ribbon
Note: When choosing papers for your layout/project, look for colors and styles that complement your photographs and theme.
1. To make the cover, cut a 12” x 6” piece of card stock. Score along the center then fold to create a 6” x 6” cover.
2. Use the shape cutter and rectangle template to create a 2 ½” x 4” opening in the front. Set aside.
3. Pre print the inside pages by creating a template on your computer, or you can leave blank if desired. Text and lines will need to be printed out “landscape” orientation. The finished pages will need to measure 6” x 11” and the center will be at the 5 ½” point. I created lines, ½” apart on the left side of the center and days of the week (calendar style) on the right side. Print two pages back to back and one page on one side only. After printing, trim to measure 6” x 11”. Score each piece along the center.
4. Stack these three inside sheets together then use the eyelet setter to punch one hole on the center line about 1 ½” from the top edge and a second hole 1 ½” from the bottom edge. Center one of these pieces on top of the cover then use as a guide to punch holes in the cover.
5. Cut a 6” x ½” strip of brown cardstock; a 6” x ¾” strip of yellow cardstock and a 1” x 6” of Robins Egg blue cardstock. Starting 1” from one end, use the hand punch to make 5 holes at 1” intervals along the center of the brown cardstock. Insert a brad into each hole then center and adhere this strip to the yellow strip then these strips to the third strip. Trim one end as shown (if desired) then adhere to the front cover of the journal with one end aligned with the center fold.
6. Stack the three inside pages together with the blank side facing the inside cover. Attach to the cover by threading ribbon through the holes and securing in a knot on the outside.
7. Charms, alphabet beads and other embellishments may be added to the ends of the ribbons as desired.
8. Place a photo, or baby announcement card behind the window then adhere to the first inside page.
Sponsor: Fiskars Brands, Inc.

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