Personality Tests - Defining Your Style:

Take a look around your house and in your closet, you have probably labeled your personal style and used it to create a cohesive look. Have you discovered your scrapbook style yet?

1. If I use stickers, my company of choice would be:
a. large size stickers.
b. soft, feminine.
c. traditional design line.
d. country, folk art.
e. I would never use stickers.

2. The types of papers I would most likely use in my layouts would be:
a. fun, bright patterns.
b. handmade, embossed or textured cardstock.
c. simple designs.
d. plaids printed on recycled paper.
e. plain cardstock and vellums

3. The color palette I use most on scrapbook pages is:
a. fun brights and sherbet colors.
b. jewel tones or tone-on-tone combinations.
c. white with primary and secondary colors.
d. recycled papers with muted or outdoorsy colors.
e. black and white and whatever colors are “hip” now.

4. Punches I own and use most frequently are:
a. circles in many sizes and too many others to mention.
b. elegant corner and border punches.
c. corner rounder, I keep it basic.
d. hearts, stars and apples, in several sizes.
e. I don’t generally use punches, but if I did I would want something funky,
like a swirl.

5. The decorative scissors I own and use the most are:
a. Corkscrew, Pinking, Clouds or Wave.
b. Victorian, Majestic, Arabian or Colonial.
c. Deckle or Scallop.
d. Scallop, Ripple, Seagull or Sunflower.
e. Bowtie, Lightning or Deckle, but mostly I use my straight scissors.

6. The lettering font I prefer is:
a. random house (cute and scattered).
b. calligraphy.
c. times new roman (traditional).
d. country dot.
e. tech.

7. The ready-made products I admire and would use are:
a. decorative page titles.
b. laser cut frames or embossed pages.
c. die cut shapes.
d. country folk art paper and stickers.
e. I would never use ready-made products.

8. The 3-D embellishments found on my pages might include:
a. layered or fringed punch art.
b. a pressed flower, ribbon or lace.
c. memorabilia.
d. raffia or jute.
e. corrugated paper or rivets.

Mostly A’s – PLAYFUL. You are probably fun to be around and it shows on your pages. Bright colors attract you and bring liveliness to your scrapbook layouts. Keep your playful style constant by focusing on the companies that share your scrapbooking personality. To add a personal flair to your pages, consider making paper dolls of the people in your photos. And as ever, add your chatty journaling on your layouts, so your descendants will know how fun your life really is!

Mostly B’s – ELEGANT. Yours is a refined taste, exuding sophistication and elegance. Although some scrapbook artists reserve this style for weddings and older photographs only, you relish in this style every day. Adding a variety of rich textures and paper finishes such as mulberry papers and vellums will keep you in your elegant style, but will protect you form appearing “stuffy”. Dry embossing might be just the new technique to learn. Remember, most important, look within yourself and add those unique details of your life in your journaling. Your descendants will appreciate your elegant style, but will also be grateful you let your guard down and shared the meaningful details of your life’s journey.

Mostly C’s – CLASSIC AND TRADITIONAL. You are playing it safe, and have chosen a clean, simple style. You are either interested in completing quantities of pages and are keeping it simple in the interest of time, or you are avoiding looking deep into yourself to discover what you really love. It’s time to break out and find out what is truly in your heart. You may just discover that it is in fact, traditional and classic, but at least you will know it was by choice and not by default. Choose colors to fit the mood of your photographs, and re-create that memory with your embellishment choices. If you are feeling a little daring, change your journaling font. Take a creative lettering class at your local scrapbook store and add some new personality to your pages, without drastically changing the style you’ve grown accustomed to.

Mostly D’s – COUNTRY. Your style is homespun and cozy. You love plaids, checks, and embellishments with a homemade feel. Wide bright colors and stark white are usually not at home on your layouts. You gravitate toward recycled paper, warm colors, and classic country ensembles. In keeping with your love for country, get creative with textures that can bring an interesting twist to your layouts. Jute, embroidery floss and thin pieces of raffia make wonderful accents to your embellishments, without adding too much bulk to your pages. Tear art is another great way to add the look of texture without bulk. Your down-to-earth personality should aid you in being able to share the important tidbits of information through journaling. Keep your favorite quote book nearby and consult a thesaurus when necessary to make average prose sound simple charming.

Mostly E’s – MODERN. You are one hip chick and are on the cutting edge. Your style is clean and simple, and it has a creative edge that is rarely seen in scrapbooking. If you are true to your style at home, you live with clean lines, geometric shapes, and rich tones and textures that enliven your spirit. Your layouts benefit from your uncluttered style and make a distinct statement about your personality. Your journaling takes on a “graphic design” feel, which is parallel with your layout style, but remember to add personal feelings to your words. Mounting foam could be an interesting addition to your toolbox, to be used on the few embellishments you add, and vellum in multiple colors and textures can broaden your paper file.


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