Personality Tests - Scrapper Personality:

We all have natural personal talents and interest that show up in our hobbies or choice of careers. These parts of our personality are also visible on our scrapbook pages. What are your scrapbook strengths?

1. The description that best defines how I scrapbook is:
a. I love to write the story.
b. I love to dream up layouts and design the page.
c. I love to take the pictures.
d. I love to buy supplies.

2. The items I have the most of, and that help me in my scrapbooking are:
a. journals and pens.
b. paper in all colors and styles.
c. rolls of film.
d. tools.

3. I spend the most time:
a. journaling.
b. decorating the page.
c. looking at the photos.
d. playing with my tools.

4. The task I find the easiest to do is:
a. writing the words.
b. designing the layout format.
c. looking for great shots to photograph.
d. utilizing various tools.

5. The page technique I would most likely try is:
a. bullet journaling.
b. a pull-up or pop-up.
c. kaleidoscope or mosaic.
d. corrugating paper or punch art.

6. Judging from the way I make scrapbook pages, my ideal career could be:
a. write: I could definitely get published with all I have to say.
b. interior or fashion designer, I just have a natural eye for it.
c. photographer; if everyone could see the world through my eyes.
d. antiques collector; I love the thrill of the buy.

7. When reading my scrapbooks, my descendants will:
a. know that I had a wonderful story to tell. They will know me.
b. think I was creative. It’s obvious in my work.
c. see into my world. I have vivid and unique photographs.
d. be amazed by all the “antique tools” I must have used to make each page.

8. When I look at a page in a book or magazine, I:
a. read the instructions. I am better with written and verbal communications.
b. visually size up the design.
c. check out the lighting, angle and composition of the photos.
d. look for new gadgets in the supply list.

Mostly A’s – JOURNALIST. You have a lot to say, and it usually ends up on your scrapbook pages. You can always find the words to express your feelings, recount details of events, relay funny stories and share a unique perspective of your life. Those who come after you will truly feel like they know you, and have seen into your heart. Continue to share your story, even enlisting the help of those in your family and other loved ones. If you would like to break out of the box, advance your skills beyond journaling and develop some basic principles of design or improve your photography skills. This will enable you to make a well-rounded page of not only your feelings, but your creative passions as well.

Mostly B’s – DESIGNER. You are a visual person with a good eye for design that is usually apparent in all you do. You tend to be most original, even though your keen eye may allow you to receive inspiration from other sources. You aren’t afraid to use color and patterns, for they are the keys that open your true style. However, be careful not to get lost in the design. Your scrapbook can be a harmony of your many talents, but your photographs should remain the focus. Decorate and crop only to enhance the photos, never detract from them. Take a journaling or a photography class to advance these skills and mesh them with your other natural talents.

Mostly C’s – PHOTOGRAPHER. The pictures are the reason you begin scrapbooking, and they will always remain the focus. You rarely crop your photos since they are well-taken shots to begin with. You capture true life on film, and are able to expose real humanity within your images. Since it has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” your journaling may be suffering. Seek to gain inspiration to add the words that will give the necessary information needed for posterity’s sake. Develop your design style so that your magnificent photos will have the backdrop they deserve.

Mostly D’s – GADGET FREAK. You are a collector of sorts. Could it be all this shopping is an avoidance to having to sit down and actually make pages? Don’t be afraid of the task, since once you get started, it becomes a joy. Allow all your shopping expeditions to benefit you. Drag those tools out, play with them for practice and find out how you can really use them to create a unique style. Cut, punch, corrugate, shape and glue’til your heat’s content, but don’t forget to add the words. Use your tools to make creative titles and great frames to focus on your photos. If you haven’t made many pages, set goals to finish some before you can buy the latest gadget.


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